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Air Services & Support in the Midwest

by Will Elcoate

Heating season is quickly approaching and Alpha Analytical provides air analytical services to
support your Midwest projects in Michigan, Indiana, Kentucky, and Ohio. Alpha Analytical’s air
analytical services continue to grow because we deliver:

● Large available inventory of pre-cleaned canisters (1L, 2.7L, and 6L);
● Reliable, easy-to-use media. (leave your wrenches at the office);
● Delivery and pick-up at your office or project site;
● Reliable 5-day standard turnaround;
● Experienced air experts to assist you on technical and field sampling questions;
● Access to training videos; Water dam Sub-slab Sampling, TO-15 Media Overview; 
● Secure on-line data access with regulatory criteria checker tools.

Alpha Analytical provides a full range of air analytical services. Ben headshotFor more information please contact the Alpha Air Program Team at or Alpha Midwest Account
Manager Ben Dressman at or 859-653-4738.

Alpha Analytical represents quality data delivered, consistently and on-time to ensure a successful project completion. When preparing for your next air project, consider how the
canisters were cleaned, as well as the analytical method selected for your project. Refer to:

Alpha Analytical’s standard of providing you with the highest quality of service include our Eco-
line fleet of fuel-efficient courier vehicles coupled with a web based vehicle managementScreenshot (223)
system. Our sophisticated sample management system along with our professional logistical team schedules and tracks sample container orders and courier requests. This service has now expanded into the Midwest to support your projects.

To place an order, please contact us at: 1-800-624-9220 or via email

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