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Alpha Analytical Expands in Ohio!

Ben Dressman by Ben Dressman

Alpha Analytical continues to expand its presence in the Ohio Valley and has now opened a Service Center in Columbus! 

Alpha Midwest locationsAlpha Midwest Service Area
No more:
  • packing up a cooler and ship it via a third-party logistics company
  • rushing to make shipping deadlines
  • lost coolers
  • warm or broken samples

Alpha offers: 

  • Standard 5-day turnaround time on routine analysis
  • Complimentary courier service
  • Pre-printed COC and labels
  • Bottles organized by sampling point


Pre-labeled BottlesPre-labeled Bottles
Are you looking for a better environmental laboratory experience? Alpha Analytical is committed to Ohio and the surrounding areas with courier service available throughout the state and including parts of Indiana and Kentucky. 


How can we support you and your projects? We are here to serve…not to sell. Contact Ben Dressman today at or (859) 653-4738. 


COC Image

“We offer better quality, we offer better service, we offer better turn-around-times, and we consistently deliver on that.” 

Mark Woelfel, President

Pre-Printed Chains of Custody




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