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Alpha Analytical Opens Cleveland Service Center

Ben Dressman by Ben Dressman

Have you ever wished that your favorite lab, Alpha Analytical, had local bottle and cooler supplies available for collecting samples at the last minute when you have to conduct sampling on short notice? 

Have you ever wished you could drop off the samples as soon as you finished sampling, on your time schedule and not have to worry about scheduling the courier in advance? 

Or have you ever forgotten to order bottles or schedule courier service and wished there was another option?

Now there is! We have opened our new Cleveland Service Center, 7575 Tyler Blvd., Mentor, Ohio, to support our clients in Northeastern Ohio and for clients across the state who have sites in Northeastern Ohio.

You now have secure access to bottle and cooler supplies, 24/7 and can drop off your samples in a secure environment, whenever it is convenient for you. This option is available when things don't go exactly according to plan or you just want the flexibility of dropping off your samples whenever it is most convenient for you. If you prefer, courier service is always available.

Simply access the building with an access code and drop off your coolers into our secure locker system. Then send us an email at and alert us that you have dropped off samples. We will then dispatch our courier to retrieve them and drive them to the lab. Watch the video below to learn more.


This service center is under constant surveillance and we monitor all activity. We will dispatch our courier to take custody of the samples for delivery to the laboratory.

Contact the Service Center at 614-357-3321 during normal business hours for the access code. We have bags of wet ice available in a freezer for your convenience as well as extra COCs.  A limited supply of soil and water bottles for emergency use will also be available for you to use. We only ask that you complete the form accessed through the QR code and we will then keep track of the inventory and to make sure we always have what you need.

Get the full details on how to use this service center here.

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