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Alpha Analytical Westborough Facilities Becomes 100% Carbon Neutral

by Catherine Weber

Alpha Analytical is proud to announce that it has become a tenant of a Halifax Solar farm project, through AMPION, a company connecting solar producers with customers, beginning in December, 2019 and has become 100% carbon neutral, effective February, 2020. 

Halifax Aerial (v5), 9-25-2019

By committing to this project, the company is taking a big step to make our energy infrastructure clean, resilient, and domestic, and effectively reducing the overall impact on the environment in a sizable way.

Alpha's electricity consumption in previous years was about 2,700,000 kWh per year. Now it will be completely offset by solar production.  This commitment will contribute to a reduction in greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide, which is one of the main contributing factors to global climate change.  

The impact of this agreement, by the numbers, is equivalent to:

  • About 1909 metric tons of Carbon Dioxide
  • Taking 405 cars off the road for a year or an equivalent of 4,736,993 miles driven
  • 2,103,465 pounds of coal burned
  • Electricity used at 323 homes annually
  • Charging 243,460,032 smart phones
  • The Carbon Sequestered as a result is equivalent to 31,566 tree saplings grown for one year

Being a part of this solar projects not only helps to address the environmental impacts of our energy usage but helps support an industry that actively works to improve our environment in a responsible manner.

Additionally, all Alpha employees can take advantage of the benefits for their homes through AMPION.

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