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Alpha Expands Into Midwest

by Olivia Vaillant

Alpha Analytical, Inc. a full-service environmental laboratory, with solutions for the most demanding industrial and commercial applications in the U.S. and abroad for over 33 years, has expanded services to Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, Michigan and other parts of the Midwest. Alpha Analytical ranks 6th among the largest environmental laboratories in the country, is the largest family-owned environmental laboratory in the country. 

Ben headshotWith this expansion, Alpha welcomes our newest Technical Sales Representative, Ben Dressman, who will be supporting our Midwest services. Ben Dressman brings to Alpha Analytical experience and dedication to delivering the high standard of customer service and technical support that Alpha clients have come to expect. His 30 plus years of experience in working with clients to understand their unique challenges and expectations will ensure that we continue the culture of excellence in the Midwest, that we started in Westborough in 1985. Ben provides some more information below on Alpha’s expansion. 

What states will you be supporting? 

Our initial launch into the Midwest will focus on five states; Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Illinois and Kentucky with options to go beyond if the opportunity makes sense.

What services will alpha be providing for this area? 

All services that we currently offer to our loyal clients in the Northeastern US will also be available to clients in the Midwest. We believe that the Alpha difference will be demonstrated over time and that the best way to experience this is by utilizing Alpha’s expertise for the more challenging specialty analyses including PFAS, Air, Tissue and Sediment, petroleum forensics, congeners and furans. Alpha has built its reputation by taking on the more challenging applications and our customers have come to rely on Alpha for data quality and consistency.

What can I expect when working with Alpha? 

Responsiveness, and consistency. My experience has been that clients want a lab that embraces these concepts. They don’t want to worry about whether or not their lab will be able to deliver as promised, or that they won’t be there at that critical time. We are in a very competitive industry, and sometimes the price is the dominant decision criteria. However, I also know that consistent turn-around-times, data quality and customer responsiveness is also important. At Alpha our objective is to focus on those three things and when we show that we deliver every time, price will still be important, but minimizing un-billable hours on the front end and the back end, and providing peace of mind will become more important.

How can I connect with you? 

Please contact me on my cell phone at (859) 653-4738 or email at

Alpha Analytical has supported Air and Specialty Projects in Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Kentucky, and other Midwest States: Including support for Vapor Intrusion and PFAS Investigations. Alpha has participated in the Ohio VAP Advisory Group, and have presented on Vapor Intrusion at the Ohio EPA Brownfields Conference and at MSECA Annual conference in Indianapolis.  

For more information regarding our services in the Midwest, please reach out to Ben Dressman.

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