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Alpha Now Offers PCB Analysis by HRMS EPA Method 1668a

by Jim Occhialini

estuary for PCB Congeners sheet


Alpha Analytical now offers PCB congener analysis by EPA Method 1668A for the reporting of all 209 PCB congeners. We also provide an analysis specific to the WHO dioxin-like congeners. Toxic equivalents (TEQs) are calculated and included in the report. In addition to these lists, Alpha can also provide an analysis for a custom list of PCB congeners of your choosing. Applicable sample matrices include aqueous, soil, sediment, and tissues. Please see a list of compounds here. In general, congener reporting limits are in the <100 pg/L range for aqueous and the <10 pg/G range for soils or sediments.

Alpha Analytical utilizes Thermo high resolution mass spectrometer (HRMS) instrumentation equipped with dual Model 1310 gas chromatographs. This dual data acquisition configuration greatly increases analytical efficiencies and productivity. A number of different sample extraction and extract clean up protocols are available, depending on the sample media and project specific requirements.


Alpha holds NELAP certification for PCB congener analysis by Method 1668A. Alpha also holds Department of Defense (DoD) certification and we are fully compliant with DoD/DoE QSM 5.3.

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