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Alpha Receives Outstanding Marks for Service From Our Customers

by Catherine Weber
For the past 6 months, Alpha Analytical has been actively asking customers for feedback through our online survey in an effort to understand where we do well and how we can better serve them. We asked what services our customers used and asked for a rating from 1-5, 5 being excellent, on their experience on a variety of service features including bottle orders, courier service, and more. Overall, we received a 97% excellent rating, with our Sales getting a 98% approval rating and our Project management team receiving 97%. Below are the results broken down by question:
   Courier Service  96%
   Bottle Orders  96%
   Project Management Team  97%
   Turn Around Time  93%
   Online Data Access Experience  92%
   Final Data Package Delivery  96%
   Your Sales Representative  98%
In addition to a general rating, many of our customers told us about their experience. For instance, Kathleen Borrelli of Celldex Therapeutics, Inc said about us:
"Alpha Analytical is very reliable. I have dealt with companies in the past that have been hard to get in touch with, hard to schedule with and pretty much difficult all around. Alpha has convenient online ordering for the materials we need for testing. It is also easy to go online to schedule the pick up of our samples. They are very professional and will answer any questions that you have about their services. Overall I find them a great company to do business with and would recommend them to others for their sampling needs."
Marc Carver of Ewing, who uses Alpha for our full scope of testing services including air, water, soil, and emerging contaminants, said,
"Alpha Analytical has become our preferred laboratory for New Jersey due to their reliability in providing quality data and also superior customer service. Alpha has subject matter experts that have provided valuable training to our teams for a variety of different subjects including emerging contaminants, data usability, VI, etc. We also greatly value our relationships with our Account Manager (David Boring) and Senior Project Manager (Ben Rao). Our partnership with Alpha has gone beyond what we normally expect from a laboratory because of the trust that we have in our extended project team."
While this ranking by our customers is great news, we believe in making improvements in areas that need it. To this end, we are working hard to improve our Turn-Around-Time during this busy season as well to improve our Customer Center to make the online experience easier.
We'd love to hear about your experience working with Alpha. Fill out the survey. We take your comments seriously.

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