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chain of custody

Chain of Custody Tutorial: A step by step "how to"

by Olivia Vaillant

Alpha provides environmental testing Chain of Custody (COC) templates for routine and air analysis to assist our clients from container requests to sample submission. These templates can be downloaded to your computer, filled out with your specific company and contact information and stored on your PC for all your future projects. These templates can be found on our website on the following page:

When you are planning a specific project, the chain of custody form template can be called up and filled in with specific project information and stored on your PC. This project COC can then be sent to Alpha Client Services as a bottle order request. In addition, we will transfer any project-specific information you provide on the COC to the container labels that will subsequently be sent to you for your sampling event. Alpha can also provide copies of this project COC along with your bottle order for your convenience.

Alpha’s environmental testing chain of custody form templates function as a multipurpose document, saving you time by reducing the number of steps you need to do. To ensure proper COC submittal, we have provided all clients with a step by step tutorial on how to complete a chain of custody. Alpha’s Login Manager, William McClendon will walk you through this process below. For any other questions regarding the Chain of Custody please contact your Alpha Project Manager.





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