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CT DEEP Remediation Standard Regulations Revised in 2021

Eileen Snyder by Eileen Snyder

CT DEEP logoConnecticut Department of Environmental Protection (CT DEEP) completed revisions to the Remediation Standard Regulations (RSRs) (R.C.S.A. §§ 22a-133k-1—22a-133k-3), amended February 16, 2021, effective March 9, 2021. The RSRs provide detailed guidance and standards that may be used at any site to determine whether or not remediation of contamination is necessary to protect human health and the environment. Refer to the full guidance document.  

The CT DEEP RSRs contain regulatory criteria for the remediation of soil and groundwater. The full document.

Regulatory Criteria

Alpha Analytical provides a secure on-line data access system for quick file retrieval using the Alpha Data Exchange (ADEx) and for efficient comparison of sample analytical data to regulatory criteria using the Alpha Data Merger platform. Alpha Data Merger regulatory criteria have been updated to reflect the 2021 CT DEEP RSRs as listed below:

  • Groundwater Protection Criteria for GA & GAA Areas.
  • Industrial/Commercial Ground Water Volatilization Criteria.
  • Residential Ground Water Volatilization Criteria.
  • Surface Water Protection Criteria for Substances in Groundwater.
  • GA/GAA Pollutant Mobility Criteria for Soil.
  • GB Pollutant Mobility Criteria for Soil.
  • Industrial/Commercial Direct Exposure Criteria for Soil.
  • Residential Direct Exposure Criteria for Soil.

For more information, please refer to our Connecticut Remediation Standards Technical Bulletin.


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