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Glen Breland

Glen Breland Retires After 18 years at Alpha Analytical

by Olivia Vaillant

ralph and glenLast summer, the Alpha executive, sales and marketing teams arrived at the Crystal Springs Resort in Franklin, New Jersey for an annual sales meeting. More importantly, the teams were brought together to celebrate the retirement of Glen Breland, Alpha Analytical’s former VP of Sales. The meeting was followed by a celebratory dinner, drinks and beautifully delivered speeches and stories from the Alpha team and their time spent with Glen. We would like to publicly thank Glen for all of his hard work and dedication to Alpha Analytical over the last 18 years. His leadership helped evolve Alpha into the company it is today.  Pictured here is Glen receiving a retirement award from current VP of Sales Ralph Kocsis.

Alpha Analytical president Mark Woelfel shared his sentiments below:

“In July of 2000 Alpha and Matrix merged, and as a result, some great people came over from Matrix to be part of Alpha.  One of those people was Glen Breland who was one of the owners of Matrix (the other being Jim Todaro). Last year, after 18 years of service, Glen decided to retire.  I want to take this opportunity to thank him for his many years of service and phenomenal contributions to the company. When Glen joined Alpha we had one salesperson and we were producing about $5m in revenues. In 2017, we produced over $45m in revenues and had over 12 people in the sales and marketing organization.  Glen was the catalyst in driving that revenue growth, building a great sales and marketing organization, and putting Alpha in the top 6 largest laboratories in the industry. Thank you, Glen. You have been an amazing leader and friend to many and have taught us all a lot over the past 18 years. We wish you a great retirement and a happy and healthy future.”

-Mark Woelfel

His everlasting impact will help continue Alpha Analytical’s success in years to come. Thank you and cheers to you, Glen!

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