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Alpha Issues Technical Bulletins Regarding  PADEP Updated Health Standards

Eileen Snyder by Eileen Snyder


PADEP issued revised statewide health standards that were published November 20, 2021, in the Pennsylvania Bulletin for the PA Act 2 Land Recycling Program (25 Pa. Code Ch. 250). This update included revision of the Medium Specific Concentrations (MSCs) for several standards applicable to soil and groundwater, as well as revision of vapor intrusion screening levels. The Pennsylvania Act 2 MSC were updated to incorporate new toxicological information on about 400 chemical substances, including select PFAS compounds. 

Alpha Analytical Data Merger tools provide a quick and efficient way to evaluate sample data results to these updated regulatory criteria.

For more information, refer to our PA Tech Bulletin and our PA Vapor Intrusion Tech Bulletin below. 

PA VI tech bulletin thumbThe Vapor Intrusion Technical Guidance

This Technical Bulletin is provided to summarize PA Vapor Intrusion Investigation services provided by Alpha Analytical, Inc. These services are designed to support work conducted in accordance with the PADEP Land Recycling Program Technical Guidance Manual (TGM) dated January 2019, and the revised Vapor Intrusion Section of this TGM issued in March 2021, and the Land Recycling Program (Act 2) Medium Specific Concentrations (MSCs) Vapor Intrusion Screening Value Tables revised in November 2021. 

PA Technical Bulletin_thumbAnalytical Services in Support of PADEP Programs

Alpha Analytical has provided this technical bulletin to summarize our analytical services in support of PADEP programs including: PA Act 2 Land Recycling Program (25 Pa. Code Ch. 250); PA Storage Tank (UST) Corrective Action Program (25 Pa. Code Ch. 32) and PA Hazardous, Municipal, Residual Waste Programs (25 Pa. Code Ch. 261; 262; 268; 271; 287). 

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