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NJDEP Updates to Site Remediation Program Guidance Library

by Olivia Vaillant

DEP_2005The NJDEP recently posted updated items to the Site Remediation Program Guidance Library.  Links to these items are located on the SRP home page under ‘What’s New’:

The updated Coordination of NJDEP and USEPA PCB Policies was posted on 6/25/2019, along with list of changes from the previous version (dated 3/1/2013). 

The updated Guidance for Implementation of Interim Specific Ground Water Quality Criteria, PQLs and Standards for PFOA and PFOS (enacted on 3/13/2019) was posted on 5/28/2019.

The updated Evaluation of Extractable Petroleum Hydrocarbons in Soil Technical Guidance (Version 1.0) was posted on 6/20/2019. NJDEP Guidance Training is scheduled for 7/23/2019.

Please note this is an update to our latest post on the NJDEP Lab Cert found here. 

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