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PADEP Announces Revision of Management Fill Policy

Eileen Snyder by Eileen Snyder

PADEP revised the Management of Fill Policy (#258-2182-773)  (posted Nov. 2,

2019 / effective January 1, 2020).

PADEP's Management of Fill Policy defines the universe of materials that

qualify as ''fill'' and provides the procedures for determining whether fill

is 'clean fill' (as defined in the municipal and residual waste regulations)

or 'regulated fill' (as defined in the policy). These amendments (effective

January 1, 2020) clarify the terminology; the stepwise procedures for making

a fill determination; the procedures for performing analytical testing; the

requirements for completing forms or obtaining required approvals prior to

transporting fill from one site to another; and the chemical concentration

limits for making fill determinations. The revised Management of Fill Policy

directly references the applicable limits from 25 Pa. Code Chapter 250 and

eliminates Tables FP-1a (organics) and FP-1b (inorganics) from the policy so

that future revisions to Chapter 250 are automatically updated in the

policy. Appendix A of the Policy includes revised guidance on developing a

sampling plan that meets PADEP requirements for data quality objectives. 


Refer to the links below:

For more information about our analytical services in support of PADEP programs check out our PA Technical bulletin.

Alpha Analytical is compliant with these changes made by the PADEP. For any questions regarding this change, please contact your Alpha project manager or our offices at 800-624-9220.

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