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PADEP Vapor Intrusion Guidance Goes Into Effect Jan. 18, 2017

by Catherine Weber

A reminder, if you have Vapor Intrusion investigations going on in Pennsylvania and you haven’t submitted a final report to the PADEP, then you will need to review against the new Vapor Intrusion (VI) guidance.

PADEP published an updated guidance in November on their Vapor Intrusion Page. The new VI guidance approach & criteria should be used to preparing reports as of January 18th.  The VI Guidance will be incorporated into the Technical Guidance Manual (TGM) llater this year. The TGM provides guidance for implementing the Chapter 250 regulations.

If you have an ongoing VI investigation: you should take a look at the new documents. There are significant changes to the approach including; screening levels and more decision options to comply with ACT2 and the PA Statewide Health Standards.

Do you have questions about the testing requirements? What are your major concerns surrounding these updates?  We would love to hear from you and be sure to check our events page for the date and location of our next PADEP Vapor Intrusion Breakfast Seminar.

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