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Project Setup Tutorial: Your need to knows when setting up a project

by Olivia Vaillant

Alpha is not just another certified analytical laboratory. From project planning to field support to data management, the Alpha team endeavors to understand how we can add value to our client's projects. To that end, we have developed the following support services to facilitate the project planning process:

  • Excel tables with typical Quality Control information designed to be incorporated into your project's Quality Assurance Project Plan (QAPP).
  • Internal electronic project communication forms which convey critical project information throughout our facility to all login, laboratory and reporting personnel.
  • Chain of custody templates for your specific projects to save time in ordering containers.
  • Project-specific sample container labels to reduce your field operations time.

In addition, Alpha's IT department has created many project-specific electronic deliverables and created our industry-leading data handling tools, known as ADEx and Data Merger. These tools save our clients hours in data table preparation and final report generation. For more information on these tools please refer to our website

To better service our clients, we have provided a new Project Setup Tutorial to assist you in your Project Setup. Alpha's Director of Project Management, Mary Davis will walk you through the importance of your Project Setup and the process your samples will follow from the moment we receive them to the delivery of your data. 

Following our single point of contact model, for any other questions regarding your project setup, please reach out to your project manager. 








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