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Safety Is Our First Priority

by Catherine Weber

As we all navigate the new normal of the Coronavirus, Alpha Analytical has quickly responded to the requirements set by the CDC to modify our work environment for the safety of both our employees and our customers.

In the past, some of our Project Managers worked at home full time. Now, they all are. Watch this video for a message from them.



Mansfield Lab Manager Pete Henriksen says, "We've done a lot but the most important thing from my perspective is that the staff is taking this seriously and they are being mindful of each other and everyone's safety and being sure that they are keeping proper distance when needed and practicing good hygiene." 

Our laboratories have made changes to accommodate social distancing including:

  • All Meetings/ Status/ Production updates etc. are now being held virtually
  • All employees that can function in their role remotely are no longer onsite.  This includes the Project Managers, Data processing & review personnel.
  • Staggered shift structures across all depts. to minimize the number of staff onsite at any given time.  Staff are coming in early shifts, weekend days rather than weekdays etc..
  • Vendors are being required to fill out a questionnaire and sign off on it prior to entry to either facility.
  • Food delivery is being kept outside of the facility.  
  • New hanging locations for lab staff lab coats to minimize them from touching to reduce potential spread. 
  • Temporarily relocated our Air can check in station to the warehouse to removing it from a high traffic area that did not have adequate 6' of spacing. 
  • Installed plexiglass barrier walls to protect our metals and air staff again in a high traffic area with tight spacing.
  • Installed Purell hand sanitizer dispensers throughout the facility 
  • Instituted a wipedown policy in all conference rooms/cafeteria areas in the facility.  This uses a 10% bleach solution per CDC guidelines.
  • Daily cleaning porter from the cleaning company to wipe down high traffic areas with a 10% bleach solution.  Door knobs, work areas, offices, desks, keyboards etc..  
  • Drop off and pick up process where the transactions are done external to the facility. 
  • Created videos for the couriers on how to properly wipe down a cooler and air crates after pickup at a site or client office, UPS/Fed Ex deliveries and individual air cans.  
  • Videos on proper handwashing are on constant loop on the monitors in the lab along with other safety info.
  • Cordoned off high traffic areas to maintain safe social distancing.
  • Created one way traffic patterns in some areas in the labs to minimize traffic in close proximity.
  • Removed bookcases, file cabinets from hallways to widen them for improved spacing for social distancing.  


If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

Stay healthy, everyone!



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