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Earn Credit for Our Upcoming Vapor Intrusion Webinar

Paul Brady by Paul Brady

Alpha is proud to announce the continuation of our educational webinar series on October 5th with the webinar, "Vapor Intrusion: Best Practices to Ensure Data Quality and Successful Project Outcomes". Earn 1.0 CEC unit in NJ, MA, OH, IN, and NY (PE only).

This 1-hour program on Vapor Intrusion Best Practices focuses on ensuring data quality and successful project outcomes for decision making. This training includes discussion of: 
  • Regulatory and guidance framework for Vapor Intrusion Investigations
  • Project planning and setup considerations 
  • Analytical method selection 
  • Data quality objectives 
  • Field tool kit for pathway investigation with multiple lines of evidence
  • Current science, research, and technical innovations
  • Best practices for sampling media setup and deployment 
  • How to resolve common media issues during field operations 
  • Field equipment integrity checks

To join us for our webinar, please register before October 5th.

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