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Your Checklist for Quality Air & Vapor Data

by Will Elcoate

With the start of the New Year, it can be a challenging time to schedule sampling events. Alpha has invested significantly in both instruments and media to meet the demand we see this time of year for vapor intrusion pathway investigations.

Important information that will help us meet your Data Quality needs:

  • The State where the samples will be collected. (This may be different than your office location.) This will help ensure that we provide the target compounds you need.unnamed
  • Special compound list requests: Do you have a short list? Is Naphthalene or any other site-specific compound required? Please include this with your request.
  • Types and number of samples to be collected: Do you need soil gas, commercial or residential indoor air? Sample collection times? 5 minutes, 1 hour, 8 hours, 24 hours etc. and duration of sampling.
  • Order media: 2-5 days for batch certified canisters. For individually certified canisters 5 days is preferred. Instructions with frequently asked questions, and spare parts are included in every shipment
  • Alpha Tools to help rapidly review your data against criteria: Alpha offers data merger / criteria checker to assist in rapid review of your received data against current standards. Alpha updates these standards as they are updated based on the EPA Generic Standards and for Vapor Intrusion VISL, which are annually updated.
  • Alpha Analytical provides informational videos on our website covering media use and field sampling quality checks.
  • Emergency requests: We will always do our best to meet emergency media needs. We have media available in our service center locations for small short notice requests.
  • Courier Service: Our Alpha couriers area ready to help you avoid issues that often come with using common carrier or air shipping.

For live support, contact Alpha air expert Will Elcoate at or through our Contact Us form.


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